Animal Athlete & Pet Rehabilitation

Keeping your animals mobile at home and maximising their potential during athletic endeavours



Quality Animal Rehabilitation

The goal of Animal Rehabilitation is to decrease the time spent on the sidelines, encouraging faster healing times and maintaining strength and flexibility in between competitions. Whether your animal has had a set back or is busy into a competition schedule a variety of modalities are available for application backed by in depth knowledge of anatomical and physiological processes.  

Reliable and Trustworthy

Samantha is fully insured  and works along side your veterinarian to deliver the best care to your animal. Samantha is a graduate of The College of Animal Physiotherapy and a member of The International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) which insists it's members attend CPD courses to continue to validate their membership and of course further progress knowledge and skills  

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Working closely with other professions and professionals in the industry allows a great network of knowledge and experience allowing each patient to be approached as the individual they are and allowing the most appropriate treatment plan to be executed 

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Animal Athlete & Pet Rehabilitation